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What kind of gear do I use you ask? Well you’ve come to the right place.

Tent: CORE 10 person instant cabin tent with screen room

It has the poles inside already for easy set up, which works for me since I don’t want to expend all my energy setting up camp. I bought a huge tent for comfort, but also because I have little concept of what the numbers mean without either measuring or seeing it. But hey, comfort goal achieved.

Portable oxygen concentrator: Inogen One G5

I purchased this from my local medical supply store. It is under 5 pounds, had a decibel level of 30, and with the double battery it lasts about 10 hours on 2L. With the new technology, it is one of the only ones suited for sleeping, which is a big need for me. It is FAA approved, so I can bring it on plane travels. You will need to report your concentrator to the airline. Each one has a form for that on their website and when I travelled last it was a 24 hour notice.

Mattress: CHILLSON Air Mattress with built in pump

It’s a queen sized raised mattress that comes with a built in pump and carrying bag. It does need to be plugged in to inflate.

Cooking supplies:

Stanley adventure camp cook set and kettle set

Coleman camping stove plus butane

Table: Coleman outdoor folding table

Because I’m not going to sit and play cards on the floor on rainy days.

Hiking gear:

Brooks Ghost 14 with custom orthopedic insoles.

Walking sticks from my snow shoes, but any walking stick will do. They are pictured above with the concentrator.

Kayak: Swifty Perception 9.5

It is about 45-50 pounds and about 9.5 feet long. It is beautiful and I bought a matching paddle. If you’re purchasing a kayak, remember if it’s under 10 feet, you don’t need to license it (at least in MN). BUT also take into consideration the weight and length for transport. I didn’t do that and I probably should have. Not going to lie though, I likely would have gotten the same one because it’s glorious. Wheels and/or support system helps me get it up there when I need it.

Right now I use a universal roof rack of sorts to transport. My goal is to get a roof rack and an EZ Rec Rack.

It works like this and would help greatly with energy conservation.

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