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Things you need to know…

Since the main purpose of this blog is information on accessibility, here are a few constants about me and the classifiers I’ll use. That way, it’ll be a bit more like those clothing websites that have a variety of body types and tell you the stats of the models and what size their wearing. Hopefully, it’ll make things easier to picture and match them to your current level of functioning.

  • I am 5’8″ and somewhere around 230 pounds
  • I have the lung capacity of a 90 year old woman, which means I am short of breath a lot. My legs like to go faster than my lungs will allow 😂
  • I have some chronic pain issues that affect my mobility

So you said it’s easy, what does that mean?

You know how a trails are marked with easy, moderate, and hard? Well, who gets to decide that? And easy for who? It definitely wasn’t me, so here’s how I will qualify what each of those mean. You can than compare that to where you’re at and go from there.


  • 0-2 miles in length
  • Little change in elevation (like 0-2 on the treadmill)
  • Hard or paved surface
  • Fairly flat terrain, with little to no rocks, roots, or logs to climb over


  • 2-5 miles in length
  • Medium change in elevation (like 3-5 on the treadmill)
  • Dirt surface
  • Terrain has rocks, roots, and/or logs to climb over, stairs to climb, etc


  • 5+ miles in length
  • Large change in elevation (like 5+ on the treadmill)
  • Dirt and uneven surface
  • Terrain has steep inclines, lots of nature to climb up and over, stairs, etc.
  • For example: This is a hard trail. I did it several times before I got sick and it was hard then. Beautiful and worth it, but difficult.
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