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Tips and Tricks

Most of my tips and tricks are pretty basic and revolve around energy conservation and comfort. If you’re someone like me, energy is a very limited resource, so we have to use it the best way possible.

  • Pack the car a day or two ahead of time. Except for the perishables and things you can’t live without for a day or two. Loading, unloading, and setting up your gear all in one day is a lot, especially if you’re going solo. Ain’t noboby have time or energy for that…split it up as much as possible. If I have trips fairly close together, I will keep as much gear in my car as possible, so I don’t have to bring it back and forth.
  • Get help from your support system or use wheels. I have a dolly I bought for my washing machine so I could move it around the apartment more easily, but this would have definitely helped me get my gear to my car more efficiently. I forgot for a moment that it was under the washer and was very disappointed when I remembered. I will probably buy another for gear and package hauling purposes. They are like $30 on Amazon and worth it.
  • MAKE A LIST of everything you anticipate needing. That way you won’t forget anything and if you’re like me, you’ll get gratification from crossing off your items and tasks. If you want to see mine for a template, comment below and I’ll share it.
  • Get gear that will be comfortable for you. Don’t listen to those who give you crap about glamping and not roughing it (even if it’s you). If you’re uncomfortable and miserable, there is no point in going on fun little adventures. It will take you longer to recover and it isn’t worth doing if it takes you out for a week. This is why I have a tent that can be set up as a small apartment with a raised air mattress and all. Don’t have to crouch in the slightest either, which is always appreciated.
  • Check the weather before hand and pack appropriately. The last trip I went on, rain was in the forecast for most of it (as well as being disgustingly hot and humid), so I packed an extra set of clothes along with my rain gear just in case. The rain held off overall, but I was sure glad to have the extra clothes when I sweat out my body weight each day. Who cares if you bring a few extra articles. You won’t regret having them if you need them.
  • When you book a camp site, especially if you’re tenting it, try to get as close to the restrooms, showers, and drinking water as possible. It makes life so much easier and is a prime location. I also make sure to get an electric site so I can charge and use my concentrator, nebulizer, devices, and air mattress as needed. No sleeping on the hard ground and struggling to breathe in my campsites.
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