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Energy Conservation Series: Packing the car

Happy May! Time to start the adventures for this season 🙂 Preparing the necessities and packing the car can take a lot of energy, so we’re going to talk today about ways to get everything in the vehicle and not die in the process.

This week’s tips and tricks

So, if you’ve read the other posts in the Energy Conservation Series, these will seem similar since they can traverse all terrains and areas of life. However, it’s an important topic and this may give you new ideas or refresh our memory a little so you keep as much of your energy for yourself and the tasks you are wanting and needing to do.

Make a list

This one is a worn out record, but it helps with mental load and keeps you from running around for last minute things that you forgot. (If you’re like me that will probably still happen, just less often). I still use the one I created and shared in the first installment of this series to this day. If you’d like to check it out and use it for yourself, you can do so here.

Start the day before

This will help you distribute the energy more evenly and won’t start your trip exhausted. I do this for pretty much every scenario, not just when I am going out on adventures. For example, getting that kayak up on the roof and strapped down uses so much of my energy that I make sure to do it the night before and ask for help when I can.

Speaking of asking for help…

There is no shame in asking, so do it. If you have friends, family, a cool neighbor around they will likely help you where they can. I know waiting to do things on other people’s time sucks, but if it saves you in the long run it is worth it.

If you don’t have help, use you wheels

I talk about my love for dollies often and this is no exception. They are the extra hand when no one is able to help or I just want to get things done now. I used mine the other day to unload my car and get it into my apartment with little effort. They work perfectly to get your gear to the car.

Park close to the door

Keeping the distance you have to travel as short as possible in a huge help. At my current place I can back right up to the door and don’t have to pull my dolly off the sidewalk. No one should care, especially if you’re loading/unloading and not leaving it there for days.

What are some things you do to save energy while getting your stuff together? Post them below and help out the community!

And as always…Be safe out there! Seeyalaterbye <3

Do you spy Currently Unnamed CardyBear? If you spot him, put FOUND in the comments 😊

Also, if you feel called to help a sista out with her travels, check this out!

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