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Park Point Recreation Area

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Welcome back! If you’re new here, you can check out my other adventures, you can do so here.


This week I want to highlight one of my favorite places to visit in my area. This post was inspired by Aki (Samurai Matcha), who talked about how places we go don’t seem like something to write about because we see them all the time, but they are new and interesting to others. Big thanks to him for planting that seed and giving me some ideas.

According to Explore Minnesota, “Park Point Recreation Area is part of a long sand dune between Lake Superior and Duluth Harbor. The dense hardwood-pine forests, red and white pine forests, and sand dune beach habitats offer excellent opportunity for birding. Along with songbirds, look for common terns, and the occasional peregrine falcon. A public beach, a beach house with concessions, a short paved trail, picnic pavilions, playgrounds, recreational fields, baseball field, and sand volleyball courts are all a part of the experience” (para 1).

The City of Duluth’s website says that the park offers: pavilions, community center, building rental, wedding rental, picnic tables, BBQ grills, hiking trails, swimming, lifeguards, beach access, sand volleyball, boat launch, carry-in (canoe/kayaks), bird watching, public restroom, accessible boat launch, and a beach house.

We got bridged….(don’t mind the dirty windshield)

Accessibility of Facility


There are a few different areas to visit the beach here and parking ranges from a paved lot to parking on dirt and the side of the road.


The area I tend to visit doesn’t have a bathroom, so if you don’t go to the main area go before you leave. The City of Duluth website says the main part of the recreation area has public bathrooms. I can’t speak on the type or accessibility since I don’t usually visit this portion.


The trails here are well marked with signs and I’ve heard there are paved portions. I don’t usually visit the portion where the paved trail is, so I can’t speak to the condition. There is a trail that is mostly groomed, but is dirt, gravel, and full of roots to maneuver over so it isn’t for people who are unsteady on their feet. It is long, but mostly flat, so it isn’t too challenging.

What we did here…

When my hiking buddies and I visited Park Point, we stayed at the beach. It was chilly (despite being unseasonably warm), as it was December, so we did have to bundle up a bit. As anyone who lives near big water will know, the temperature near the water is very different than away from it.

It was busier than I thought it would be since I went during the week in December, but other locals took advantage of the strangely warm weather. Personally, I went to chill in the sunshine and have some wind in my hair. My hiking buddy went to look for agates, which she found. The dog experienced big water for the first time and was hesitant at first. Once she realized it wasn’t scary, she began to enjoy it.

The area I like to go to is known for rip currents and dangerous conditions, so I probably wouldn’t swim in that part. The conditions in the public area I talked about above are good for swimming so make sure you experience Lake Superior water at least once in your life. It’s always good for a cool down.

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