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Riverboat Cruise on The Saint Croix


The Riverboat Cruises were something we saw while at Interstate State Park, both while hiking and the information at the park office. (If you haven’t checked that blog yet, I’d suggest doing so. It’s pretty cool.) We didn’t know it was a thing, originally, but decided it would be cool since it was something I have never done before.

There are options when it comes to length and time of cruise, including the daily excursion, sundown excursion, and twilight cruise. Everything but the Twilight Cruise is all ages because it includes a wine tasting and live music. We debated between the Sundown and Twilight cruises, but ultimately settled on Sundown because we wanted the information and weren’t interested in a wine tasting.

It is an 80 minute event with narration of the history and geology of the area. The boat itself is really cool and they guides give detail about how it works and what it is made of. Tickets can be bought in person and online. We chose to buy ahead of time online since there was a discount. You can find the info here.

Accessibility of the Facility

Parking at the boarding area was on a paved lot. We parked as close to the dock as we could, so that lot was smaller and down a steep hill. The landing is on an incline as boat landings are, so if you need assistance with those, be sure to bring your mobility devices. I did huff and puff getting up both of the inclines, but I did okay. There are places to sit on the edges of the landing if you need them.

I do not recall seeing bathrooms on the boat, so make sure to go before you leave. The loading area is just down from the park office and there are bathrooms there to use when they are open.

Getting here is pretty easy. I used Maps while at the park earlier in the day to make sure I knew the general direction to go. There is signage with arrows, so it is pretty easy to find.

Boat info

There is a gangway to get from the dock to the boat. It has and incline, but also has floor grips and rails for stability. There are plenty of chairs and tables on the lower deck for those who want to sit below or struggle with stairs. I did see people with rollators and canes getting on and off, so it can be done if you utilize those devices.

We chose to sit on the upper deck, so we had to use the stairs. There is a railing and the stairs themselves were a good working size with grips for safety. The seating on the top deck was a slightly smaller than average folding chair (you can see them in the picture above), so if you need something more substantial, the lower deck would be your best bet.

This was a great experience and I would definitely do it again. If you’re looking for a rating, I’d call it easy. The boat is set up for passenger navigation and the rest is sitting unless you choose to walk around for pictures and such.

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Be safe out there! REMEMBER YOUR MAPS AND PASSPORT STAMPS!! Seeyalaterbye <3

Also, if you feel called to help a sista out with her travels, check this out!

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