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US Destinations Bucket List

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Hi everyone! Hope 2024 is treating you well. I don’t know about you, but I set some goals around this time each year and this one is no different. For this blog, my goal is to post helpful information every week and get out on more adventures to share with you all.

Background Information

If you’re new here and wondering who the heck I am and why I’m here, check this out.

While thinking about what I want for this blog, I thought of places outside of Minnesota that I’d like to see. I also have a goal that I’ve carried for decades to go to each state at least once, so I made a list. I don’t know if I’d be camping or finding a place out there to stay, but there’s time to figure all of that out. Time to manifest that stuff! Get me and Currently Unnamed Cardybear to some super cool places.

The shaded states are places I have been in the past. Some were drive throughs and others were stops.

The Bucket List

Louisiana–New Orleans

Alaska–Mendenhall Ice Caves; Hubbard Glacier

New Mexico–White Sands National Park

Wyoming–Yellowstone National Park

California–Death Valley; Mono Lake

Washington–Hoh Rainforest; Whale watching; Sequim

Oregon–Portland Japanese Garden; Crater Lake

Arizona–Antelope Canyon

Some thoughts

This is a short list of places I’d like to see. There are definitely more, but these are the focus for now. Getting to them is going to take some budgeting, planning, and some work, but I will get there.

What are some places on your list? Comment below!

Be safe out there! Seeyalaterbye <3

Also, if you feel called to help a sista out with her travels, check this out!

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